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Peak - Train Your Brain

Peak – Brain Training

Everybody knows that you have to train your muscles to get a more trained and fit body, but did you know that the same goes for your brain? There are several ways to do this, such as reading books. For some examples about this, check

Musixmatch learn lyrics

Musixmatch – Sing & Learn

Most of the people love to sing, no matter if they’re good at it or not. And since almost all the people love to sing, almost all the people love music. Some people like hard rock, some people like pop, some people like rap.. You


Coursera – Stay Ahead In Your Career

I believe that we should never stop learning about topics or skills that interest us. Learning new skills and gaining knowledge is a great thing and, in my opinion, is one of the greatest places to do this. Coursera is a place that allows

Fiverr - The Online Marketplace

Fiverr – The Online Marketplace

Every person is different and has his own talents. Through history, these talents have been used to shape the world to its current form. Moreover, innovation and technology are used every day to benefit society. If, for example, if a website, logo or picture needs to

Grammarly - Never Make A Grammar Mistake Again

Grammarly – Never Make A Grammar Mistake Again

Remember all the grammar struggles when you had to deliver the perfect rapport? Or the perfect assignment? Well, those days are now forever over! I’d like to introduce you to Grammarly. Since I’ve found out about this extension, there’s not a single occasion in which

Learn a language with Duolingo

Duolingo – Learn The Languages of the World

Learning a new language is one of the best ways to improve your life. But when you think about learning a new language, you instantly think about the days in school where you had to learn a language out of a book that was boring

Books vs Ebooks

Books vs Ebooks

As fanatic, money consciousness readers we find the ‘battle’ of physical books vs ebooks highly interesting. But are the advantages of physical books keeping up with those of the ebooks? There are multiple factors to consider, like prices, comfort, eye strain, retention and the list


Apple Music vs Spotify

Music, we all listen to it and we all love it. There are a lot of ways to stream music, but the two most used services right now have to be Apple Music (11 million subscribers) and Spotify (30 million subscribers and 55 million people