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How To Get Rid Of Advertisements

How To Get Rid Of Advertisements

In today’s day and age, we’re getting bombarded with advertisements. Some people might not find this as annoying as I do, but I’m definitely not the only one. Luckily for us, there are tech-smart people that found it so annoying, they created a tool to


Coursera – Stay Ahead In Your Career

I believe that we should never stop learning about topics or skills that interest us. Learning new skills and gaining knowledge is a great thing and, in my opinion, is one of the greatest places to do this. Coursera is a place that allows

How To Optimize Email

How To Optimize Email

Email, a fine way to communicate, a not-so-fine tool to life a productive life. It is estimated that around 28% of the average workers workweek is spent on managing email. Beside the loss of productivity, email can also be frustrating, irritating, annoying, head boiling and

How to use pocket

How To Use Pocket – Beginner’s Guide

Ever came across an article or video that seemed interesting and that you would’ve liked to read or watch later… and then forgot all about it? Or would you like to work in the park… but the lack of internet makes that impossible. Luckily for

Books vs Ebooks

Books vs Ebooks

As fanatic, money consciousness readers we find the ‘battle’ of physical books vs ebooks highly interesting. But are the advantages of physical books keeping up with those of the ebooks? There are multiple factors to consider, like prices, comfort, eye strain, retention and the list

Technologies To Improve Your Life

Top 10 Technologies To Improve Your Life

We (should) all know that technology can make our lives a whole lot easier. But with all the latest progress and inventions it’s hard to keep up. That is why we made a Top 10 List of the best Technologies to Improve Your Life! #10